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“you might not take these pigtails seriously… but i seriously mean business.”

bet体育平台Margaret Josephs

Known for her blonde hair, worn in pigtails, infectious personality and love of all things fashion, “The Marge” is truly one of a kind.
From her self made business empire to her ballsy stance on housewives she is a game changer in all aspects of her life.


bet体育平台macbeth collection

Celebrating 20 years of the Macbeth Collection;
bet体育平台a global lifestyle brand known for it’s whimsical prints, eye popping colors and bursting with personality… just like it’s founder Margaret Josephs.


caviar dreams

Margaret Josephs is no stranger to making something out of nothing. She started her business at the kitchen table with nothing but “Caviar Dreams on a Tuna Fish Budget”.